Introduction to flask

Introduction to flask
Hello. Welcome to another session on this platform. If you are new here, please do checkout our previous articles on python programming language and stay excited on this session because we are entering into one of python’s web-based application called flask.

In this article, we are going to see the following

  • What is flask
  • Prequistes
  • Installation of flask in python
  • Some of flask template engine.

What is flask?

Flask is one of python-based framework which is used to create web applications. Flight is a very light web framework. During installation, flask comes with pre-installed modules and functions which are used to backup your own web applications.

Flask is very easy to understand and perfect go-to for beginners and with flask, a web server can run in less than 3 lines of code.


Before learning flask, we recommend the reader to have a basic mastery of python concepts.

Installation of flask 

Before installing flask, we have to checked if python has been installed or. If not, you can download the latest version from the website .After installing, you can install with respect to operating systems. 

When installing flask, creating a python virtual environment is optional. But in a case where you want create a python virtual environment, below are the steps to follow.

Step 1: open the command line and type in the following command

Introduction to flask

Step 2: We can now create a new virtual environment into a folder. Below is the command

Introduction to flask

This is the folder that is created

Introduction to flask

Let’s activate the working environment.

Below is the command for the Linux system to activate the working environment

Introduction to flask

Here is the command to use in a windows system

Introduction to flask

After installing the python virtual environment, we can now install flask

Step 1: open the common line or simply type cmd at the windows. In the command line, type in the following “py -m pip installed flask”

Introduction to flask

we have successfully installed flask in our operating system.

When installing flask, we saw jinja 2-3.0.1, werkzeug, coloroma, colorama which are template engine

Some of flask template engine


This is a toolkit in WGSI. WGSI is only a calling convention for webservers to forward web requests to web applications which are written in python.


This is a template engine for python. It has a very good number of tools for template users. Note, templating is a very important skill needed in web developing.

Testing if flask has been installed in our systems. Open IDLE or python shell and try importing flask package.

Introduction to flask

Since there is no indication of an error, it shows that we have we have successfully installed flask in our system

In this article we have seen the basics of flask, and its template engines. In the next articles we are going to see how to write our first hello world applications in flask. So, stay tune to this platform for more up coming articles. Happy coding guys.

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