Hola!. In this article, I am going to break down the terrifying design model known as MVC for easy understanding to all. You might consider reading this article as a beginner or maybe preparing for that scary interview .

As usual, many developers just get excited and start writing code without having a good mastery of these concepts which are very necessary in building, programming and writing better code. Hey! friend , don’t think you are reading what won’t help you ok!.

MVC which is known as model view controller is an architectural pattern used in building web apps nowadays. This architectural pattern separated an application into three parts:

  • Model
  • View
  • Controller 

In this article, will explain the following 

  1. Components
  2. Advantages

Now let’s begin with;


As mentioned earlier, MVC architectural pattern states that, an application is made up of three parts which are model, view and controller. Now let us break them down;

The view is the user interface. Meaning the view is actually what the user sees like web pages, texts, buttons and any other thing that the user can see.

The model simply represents the data used by the app. It could get data from the database or manipulate data and send to the database.

The control is the main man who accepts user’s requests, sends them to the model and finally tells the view to update what the user is seeing. The controller tells the view and model what to do at the appropriate time. Thus, the name controller!

There’s this illustration I would love to use in simple terms so we get this straight forward step by step how MVC works and how the three components are interconnected pr work together.

  • A user through his browser makes a request along route, like 
  • The controller takes charge of the request and responds based on the request. The request could be to serve a certain page or for the model to carry out a certain logic. If the request requires some logic to be carried out, 
  •  The model performs the logic, get the required data from database and responds according to the controller’s command. 
  •  The controller then passes the data to the view so the user interface can be updated.

So that’s it guys. I leave you with an assignment.

  1. Find out other architectural pattern used in development 

Thanks for reading. Feel free to drop your comments, questions or anything new. See you in the next article where I will show you how this MVC pattern can be implemented in node js and express js.

gracias! ๐Ÿ˜

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