Getting started with Express and Node JS

Getting started with Express and Node JS


Hello, this is Godwill Tetah. In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to use the Express JS web framework alongside with Node JS. Whether you are noob in Node JS development or advanced, you are at the right place and the right time ☺. Basic knowledge on Node JS is required though.

To those who are still starting up Node JS back-end development, I will teach you how to get started with express while for those who already have some good knowledge in this field, this is the right place to quickly revise and refresh your knowledge in preparation for that interview, exam or anything else.

In this tutorial, we will cover the following;

  • What is Express JS?
  • What make Express JS very important?
  • Installation
  • Routing and HTTP methods

What is Express JS or Express.js?

Express.js is a fast Node JS web application framework used in developing all sorts of web applications. In the full stack development world, express.js has become the standard used as back-end in the MEAN stack development.

MEAN is an acronym which contains the components for building dynamic and flexible websites and web applications. These components include;

M: MongoDB, the preferred NoSQL database

E: Express.js, the preferred web app framework

A: Angular.js, used as frontend framework

N: Node.js

What make Express JS very important?

  • Express JS makes it very easy and fascinating to build websites/web applications through its powerful features.
  • It is useful in creating all sorts of web apps and equally used perfectly in web applications.
  • Express.js works flexibly and easily with most template engines like EJS, handlebars et cetera.
  • It can easily be integrated into MVC architecture apps.
  • Using express.js with SQL and NoSQL databases is practically easier and effortless
  • Express.js has error handling features.


To start using Express.js on your computer, you must make sure you have Node JS installed. If not, just quickly download and follow the instructions from their website
To install express, open a command prompt window and navigate to your Node JS project directory. Type the following command and press enter;

Getting started with Express and Node JS

Wait for a while as it is being downloaded into your node modules folder. 

Note!: Make sure you have a working internet connection

Routing and HTTP methods

The last aspect I want us to study in this tutorial is about routing in Express.js. A route is a path or URL. Routing is there the process of determining the behavior of an application when there is a request to a particular route. In other words, what happens at a particular route.

In web application development, routes go along with HTTP methods and a handler. The handler is simply that block of code which gets executed when ever someone navigates to that route.

Below is the structure for creating routes in Express.

Getting started with Express and Node JS

Where app is an object or instance of Express.js, PATH is the route, METHOD is the HTTP request method which could be get (requesting from the server), put (updating), post (saving), delete (deleting), HANDLER the function which is executed when a browser navigates to that route.



Getting started with Express and Node JS

Open your command prompt window, navigate to your project folder and run the command; node server or if you are using nodemon, then simply type nodemon server

Getting started with Express and Node JS


Open your browser and navigate on localhost:3000.

Getting started with Express and Node JS
Getting started with Express and Node JS

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