Magento 2 associate developer exam preparation

Magento 2 associate developer exam preparation

NO.1 Assume that a customer's cart only includes one downloadable product. What effect will it cause on the quote object?

... Answer is B)
"The quote object will not have shipping address"

NO.2 During a code review of a module MyCompany_PaymentCurrencies you see a configuration field declared in the file etc/adminhtml/system.xml:
'id="currency" type="select" showInDefault = "1" showInWebsite="1" showInStore="0">'
What is the consequence of the attribute showInStore being set to 0?

... Answer is B)
"The input field will not be visible if a store view scope is selected in the system configuration"

NO.3 Magento allows you to specify custom values per store for product attributes created in the admin panel. Which architectural pattern makes it possible?

... Answer is D)
"Extension Attribute"

NO.4 You are working on a Magento store which will be selling in two countries. Each country has its own set of payment methods. How do you organize the project to support this requirement?

... Answer is B)
"Create one website, two payment scopes"

NO.5 You are setting up a brand new Magento installation for a merchant who is migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Keeping in mind upgradability and the need to customize, which one do you choose?

... Answer is D)
"Run php bin/magento setup:migrate command"

NO.6 You have created a module with a custom ACL resource and want to restrict access to resources of your module. Which three items are restricted based on ACL role permissions? (Choose three.)

... Answer is A,B,D)
A. Storefront login
B. Adminhtml controllers
D. CLI Commands

NO.7 A module you are working on needs to send a newsletter to all subscribed customers at predefined intervals. Which two actions do you take to make sure the newsletter is sent? (Choose two.)

... Answer is B,C)
B. Make sure bin/magento cron:run is added to the system crontab
C. Implement \MyCompany\MyModule\Cron\NewsLetterSender::execute and register it in etc/crontab/di.xml

NO.8 What happens when a customer adds two of the same simple products with different custom options to the cart?

... Answer is B)
"They will be shown as two separate line items."

NO.9 You are building an extension that will be sold on the Magento Marketplace. This extension depends on Magento_Catalog. How is a Magento database upgrade performed?

... Answer is A)
"Manually on the CLI"

NO.10 A merchant would like to manually specify the order of products per category. How is this done?

... Answer is B)
"There is a position field on the category management page which allows you to define the order of a product in the category."